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September 2015
September 2015
The call came two days before we were due to depart. 'Mr Gogarty I'm sorry to inform you that but Exclusive Escapes has ceased operating and your holiday has been cancelled.’ I admit I didn’t take it well, replying angrily 'How can you do this just 36 hours before departure!’ I then got a little perspective as Flora timidly suggested ‘It could be worse; you could have lost your job.’ Flora had returned to the office as a volunteer, the day after she’d been made redundant, to ring round clients and help in any way she could.
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December 2014
Yet another client has joined our ranks, the niche specialist Painting in Italy, which twins fabulous destinations and inspiring teachers. There are options throughout the country and the latest to join the ranks is a series of new art classes in the studio of the masters, Florence.
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Welcome to a fresh approach
At Paul Gogarty Communications we have one simple aim: to ensure the clients we represent are in the media (traditional, digital and social) as often as possible. How is this achieved?

By knowing the journalists and editors personally, by being creative, and by understanding the travel industry. It’s simple, but effective.

This straightforward approach stems from Paul's 20+ years of working as one of the country's leading travel journalists, and his clear belief that PR should focus on translating clients' needs into those of the media.

Our results since Paul formed PGC in 2007 have been outstanding (please do look at our Testimonials page) and we’d love to tell you more about what we’ve achieved. Of course we can only provide a thumbnail sketch here but if you feel this might be the kind of travel PR you're looking for, then why not get in touch with us and let us tell you more?
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