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How do I get the media to write about my product?
PGC has the best contact book in the business, which we use to achieve outstanding levels of coverage for our clients.
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Knowing the right people is obviously key to getting your message across and building trust in your brand. The PGC contact book is priceless and to achieve unparalleled levels of success we use it to access the most important journalists and travel editors, providing them with story ideas we know will work.

Over recent years the PGC travel and tourism public relations team has worked with most major media outlets and leading freelance writers. Our personal contact with the leading newspapers, magazines and broadcast media virtually guarantees outstanding results.

Knowing the right people, however, isn’t enough to achieve success in travel PR. It is our unique understanding of the requirements of the media that enables PGC to develop and successfully pitch the most creative ideas.

But don't just take our word for it, here's what one the UK's leading writers thinks about PGC.

"One of the most successful travel writers over the past twenty years, with a wealth of experience and an ability to shape that experience into entertaining and interesting stories. PGC arrives in travel marketing on the inside track, able to uncover what fascinates about a destination or a product and able to communicate with writers in a way they understand. If he sends you five ideas, you are very likely to end up hooked on all five." - Stanley Stewart, award-winning author and freelance travel writer.

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